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be absorbed in sth/sb、from time to time等重点短语详解


be absorbed in sth/sb、from time to time等重点短语详解知识点包括be absorbed in sth/sb、from time to time、set sth.up、try out、help out、 in addition(to sb./sth.)、share sth with sb、have an impact on、from(then)on、get through、pay off、 would rather do sth等部分,有关be absorbed in sth/sb、from time to time等重点短语详解的详情如下:

be absorbed in sth./sb.被......吸引住;专心致志


He had been so absorbed in watching the car passing by that he didn't notice his friends coming.


He was completely absorbed in reading and forgot even to take his meal.


You become so deeply absorbed in an activity that you lose track of time.



absorb v.吸收;吸引(某人)注意力;使专心;理解,掌握

absorb one's attention吸引某人的注意力

absorbed adj.全神贯注的,专心致志的

absorbing adj.吸引人的,引人入胜的

 from time to time 有时;偶尔


The car manufacturers change the car models from time to time.



表示“不时,偶尔,有时”的词语:sometimes, at times, once in a while, now and then, occasionally。

set sth.up 安装好(设备或机器);建立;设立,准备,安排


I set up the computer so that they could work from home.


They set up a special committee to look into the matter.


They decided to set up a new school.



set aside存储;留出;将……放在一边

set down放下,写下,登记

set off出发,动身;引发;使爆炸,燃放

set out启程,动身;阐述;陈列

set out to do sth.=set about doing sth.开始着手做某事

try out 参加......选拔(或试演);试验;尝试


She tried out for the lead in the show.


He will try out for the football team.


The method appears good,but it needs to be tried out.



have a try试试看;尝试一下

try for企图达到

try out for参加选拔

try on试穿衣服;试试看

help out 帮......分担工作,帮......脱离困境


Nobody helped me out when I lost my job.


With the help of the teacher and his classmates, Xiaoming managed to help himself out of his problem with computer games.


She's always willing to help out.



help sb.with sth.帮助某人干某事

help (sb.) (to) do sth.帮助(某人)干某事

can't help to do不能帮助干某事

can't help doing禁不住干某事

can't help but do只得,不得不

help oneself to随便吃/用……

 in addition(to sb./sth.)除……以外(还)


There is, in addition, one further point to make.


I gave him a pen, a pencil and a book in addition.


We have one spare bed but we need another in addition.


In addition to visiting the zoo, we went to the park.



in addition to 除……之外(还)

additional adj.另外的;附加的

in addition to 除了……之外还有(包括在内)

besides 除……之外还有(包括在内)

except (for) 除……之外;除……之外还有(不包括在内)

except that 除了……;除……之外还有(不包括在内)

share sth with sb.与某人分享某物;与某人共用某物


I share an apartment with four other people.


I shared my lunch with the new students.



share sth. (out) among/between sb.与某人平分某物

share in分享;分担

The cake was shared among the three children.


His daughters did not share in his happiness.


have an impact on 对......有影响


The way to solve this problem has a great impact on children.



与 have an impact on 意思相同的短语还有:

have an effect on 对……有影响

have an influence on 对……有影响

 from(then)on 从(那)时起


From then on, mother and daughter have depended on each other for survival.


From then on, the students became greatly interested in chemistry, and we became good friends.



from that time on=from then on从那时起

from now on从现在起


since then和 from then on有什么区别


(1) since then只可用于现在完成时中,不可用于过去完成时、过去将来完成时等时态。

Ever since then I've been longing to meet him face to face.


Since then, the palace has often been added to, rebuilt and repaired.


(2) from then on可用于过去时也可用于现在完成时或将来时中,要看语境决定。

From then on, they were taking no chances.


From then on, I haven't seen him again.


I will not live in that dream! From then on!


get through(设法)处理;完成(工作);打通(电话);通过(考试);克服(困难)


I tried to ring my girlfriend but I couldn't get through.


If you keep disturbing him, he will never get through his work.


It took us only a few minutes to get through the Customs.



get across 被理解;使人了解

get down to 认真地静下心(工作)(to 为介词)

get over 克服

get on 进展;进步

get in 收获

get around/round 到处走动;传播出去

Your meaning didn't really get across.


 pay off 取得成功;得到回报;还清


You must pay off your old loan before you can obtain a new one.


At last, his hard work paid off.


We were paid off after the company closed.



pay for 为……付钱;为……付出代价

pay back 还钱;偿还;报答;报复

pay a visit to 拜访

pay attention to 注意

pay the bill 付账

pay in advance 预付

I'll make her pay for ruining my chances!


would rather do sth.宁愿做某事


Nowadays more and more people would rather not live in big cities.




would rather that+主语+did sth.(表示对现在或将来的虚拟)

would rather that+主语+had done sth.(表示对过去的虚拟)

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1.When I opened the door, I found my father sitting in his chair, completely                   (absorb) in a magazine.

2.Even close friends quarrel with each other about something                   time to time.

3.What she said at the meeting set                 a heated discussion during our students.

4.Besides, our school set                   a volleyball team and a basketball team.

5.The scientists tried                   the Shenzhou VII very carefully before it was sent to space.

6.Whenever I think of those days I spent at home, I can't help                  (feel) happy.

7.I've often helped Bob                  when he's been a bit short of money.

8.In addition                   giving a general introduction to computers, the course also provides practical experience.

9.It is my honour to be here to share                   you my opinions on what to learn in senior high school.

10.Confucius's ideas have a great impact                  Chinese culture.

11.From now                  n I'm going to study English every day.

12.I tried phoning her office, but I couldn't get                  .




Jane is a quiet girl, who would rather                  (stay) in the library than go to see a movie.

Jane is a quiet girl, who prefers                  (stay) in the library rather than go to see a movie.

Jane is a quiet girl, who prefers                   (stay) in the library to going to see a movie.

2.They                  their debt after ten years.


3.Two hundred workers have                 .


4.写出下列句子中get through的意思

(1)I tried several times to phone her, but couldn't get through                 

(2)You'll get through this problem.                 

(3)I'll get through this work by noon.                 

(4)We were very glad when we heard that you had got through your exam.                 

5.From then                  ,_we got to know each other,and became good friends.

6.If there is water on the Mars proves, it will have a great impact                   our future life.

7.We did so well that we were invited to share our ideas and experience                  all the students in our school.

8.                 addition, I can see different kinds of beautiful birds.

9.Working out in the morning provides                   (addition) benefits beyond being physically fit.

10.Is there anything I can do to                  ?



1.He was obviously in some kind of trouble, but I didn't know how I could                  .


2.Can you                   the maths problem?


3.They are trying                   the new medicine to see whether it is appropriate for the skin disease.



He                   but finished only the front part.(set out)

He                   but finished only the front part.(set about)

5.I bent over from time                  time to avoid bumping my head against rocks on my left.

6.A good book could                   so completely that for the time being we forget our surroundings.


7.The writer was                   that he forgot everything outside.


8.I had created a way to get my message                   while using as few words as possible.

9.After ten years of hard work she finally paid                  her debt.